plate feeder,apron feeder,apron feeder conveyors,apron conveyors,plate feeder conveyors,plate conve

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plate feeder,apron feeder,apron feeder conveyors,apron conveyors,plate feeder conveyors,plate conve

Plate feeder conveyors Definitions

Plate feeder conveyors is generally divided into heavy, medium and light three specifications, is commonly used in concentrator feeding equipment.
It is mainly used as a continuous feeding and transporting of heavy and abrasive bulk materials from crusher or hopper to crusher, batching device or transportation equipment. Plate feeder is one of the important and indispensable equipment in ore and raw material processing and continuous production process.The plate feeder has the characteristics of high efficiency, durable, reliable quality etc.

Product advantages

Equipment strength

Equipment using standard tank chain drive, high strength, large pull, no lubrication, small error, long service life without using maintenance; carrier plate made of alloy steel welded, high strength, long service life.

Installation and maintenance is simple

Vertical cross reducer, floating suspension installation, easy maintenance; spindle and sprocket connections are used expansion joints without key connection, not only the strength, but also easy disassembly, easy maintenance.

run smoothly

Adopt frequency conversion motor to drive, easy to operate and control, start and adjust more stably, feed evenly and accurately, feeding speed can be linked with the host to achieve automatic feedback to the material, to ensure the ability of follow-up equipment to achieve maximum efficiency; tensioning device buffer design, Reduce equipment vibration impact.

Wide range of applications

Feeding granularity, can be directly installed in the raw material warehouse, can withstand a larger warehouse pressure; subject to the material size of the composition, temperature, viscosity, frost, rain, snow or ice material less affected, environmental adaptability, can be poor Operating environment conditions.









Heavy plate feeder  conveyors

Heavy plate feeder conveyors

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Medium plate feeder  conveyors

Medium plate feeder conveyors

Medium plate feeder conveyors is intermittent feeding machine, suitable for short-distance transport to the material size of 400mm below the bulk material.

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Light plate feeder conveyors

Light plate feeder conveyors

light plate feeder conveyors for horizontal or inclined along the straight line to the working machinery or feeding device silos, funnels and other containers continuously and evenly distributed to the bulk material.

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